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Japan Exclusive Items


Inside our Lucky Bags, you'll 5-10 mystery items. Think Sanrio Kuji prizes, adorable gachapon surprises, charming stationery, practicals and more!

The Perfect Gift

The Sanrio Lucky Bag is not just a bundle of adorable surprises; it's also the perfect gift to brighten someone's day! Whether you're surprising a fellow Sanrio fanatic or introducing a friend to the world of kawaii, these bags are a heartwarming gesture that will leave a lasting impression 🎁💖

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How many items inside

Around 5-10 adorable items will be included inside each lucky bag!

Do you ship Worldwide?

Yes! we offer international shipping to customers around the globe, and the best part is that there are no additional duty fees upon arrival. You can enjoy our products no matter where you are, hassle-free

Are the items inside the bag random?

Absolutely, the items inside the Sanrio Lucky Bag are intentionally randomized to create a sense of excitement and surprise. Each Lucky Bag is a unique assortment of Sanrio treasures, carefully curated to ensure you get a taste of the diverse kawaii world. This randomness is what makes the unboxing experience so special, as you never quite know which adorable characters or items you'll discover inside. 💖